When you leave your car with a mechanic, you want to be sure he’ll do the right job, for the right price. Here is what some of our customers have to say about trusting their car with us…


Todd and the team at Brown’s Autobahn have been looking after my cars since 1996. I appreciate the way Todd and the Brown’s boys look after their customers. They are friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, resourceful and honest. Nothing is too much trouble for the Brown’s Autobahn team. They take the long term view of customer relations and always look for the win win result for their customer. This is true not only for their regular customers but also for the one-off travellers in need of a quick and economical rescue. The culture in the workshop is impressive. The workshop is immaculate. The team is experienced, close knit, and importantly, on the same page as Todd with regard to looking after customers. Over the past 17 years Todd has worked on a range of vehicles for me, both old and new. These include my current pride and joy, a 1958 356A Porsche, as well as Porsche 911’s , a 1959 Karmann Ghia, Kombis, and other collectible Volkswagens. Our current model Mercedes and various current models of VW’s for our family and business are also serviced by brown’s Autobahn. In my view, there is no substitute for experience. Todd has an impressive understanding of all cars, old and new, on road and off. When you have a significant investment in motor vehicles for business and pleasure, you want only the best people looking after them. That is why I choose Brown’s Autobahn.”
Tim Banks, Buderim
Todd and his staff have been looking after my car for me for 11 years now, and to be honest, I just can’t imagine trusting anyone else the way I know I can trust them. That is why I am happy to drive up from NSW to have Todd service my car.I live in a rural area and travel long distances on dirt roads, so I need to be absolutely sure that my car is reliable. I cannot afford to have it let me down.Todd is reliable and absolutely fastidious. You only have to have a look around his workshop to see that! When I drive my car after a service, I know everything I have paid for has been done. Unfortunately, I have had bad experiences with dealerships in the past when work I have paid for has been done badly, or not at all.Todd also keeps and eye on things and helps me to forward plan by letting me know about work that may need to be done in the future. He is such a genuine, honest person and I recommend him to everyone I know.All of the staff at Brown’s treat me respectfully, and I know they truly value my custom. I have built up such a great rapport with them over the years.And the icing on the cake is that when I collect my car, it is beautiful and clean, and they always leave a fresh flower on the dashboard for me. At Brown’s you are not just treated like a number. I really value that.”
Sandy Tamblyn, Tabulum, NSW
We have only just ‘discovered’ Brown’s Autobahn, and we truly wish we had found them years ago. Previously when we had bought a new car, we were led to believe that the only way we could maintain our manufacturer’s warranty was if we took the car back to the dealership for servicing. That was a terrible and unbelievably costly experience for us. On one occasion, we took our new car in for it’s first ‘routine’ service, and apart from being charged $800 for a ‘routine’ service on a brand new car, we were also charged $2000 for new brake pads. Unbelievable. After we met Todd, we learned that you don’t have to take your car to the dealership to maintain your new car warranty, and you don’t compromise the value of your vehicle either, because Brown’s has the same diagnostic tools and equipment as the dealers, and use genuine parts when they service your car. With a different vehicle, the dealership actually told us that they couldn’t fix a problem we were having with our car (which we had bought from them as a secondhand vehicle). We took it to Todd, fully expecting to be presented with a scary bill (because that has been our experience with the dealerships). Not only was the bill far less than we had anticipated, he also fixed the problem that the dealership couldn’t. Whenever Brown’s service our cars, they let us know if anything extra needs doing (like new tyres) and give us the option of getting it done at the time or bringing it in on another day. The staff are super friendly and helpful, the cars are always immaculate when we collect them, and we get a little fresh flower on the dashboard as well. The contrast with what we have experienced in the past could not be more stark. We trust Todd implicitly and we know that the value he delivers in peace of mind goes far beyond what we pay him for his services. We could not recommend Brown’s highly enough. We just wish we had taken our cars there years ago.”
Cameron & Tanya Outridge, Twin Waters
Todd and his staff at Brown’s Autobahn have been looking after my car for around two years. I have been extremely happy with the work they have done for me, the service I have enjoyed has been exceptional. The staff are particularly knowledgeable and they always let me know if additional work needs to be done on the car, beyond what I was expecting. They also take the time to explain the bill to me. I appreciate how clean and organised the workshop is, it certainly enhances my confidence in their work. And the bonus is that my car is always returned to me clean and detailed. I value this extra service very much.”
Dale Klenner, Nambour
We have been happy clients of Browns Autobahn for close on ten years. In that time we have received excellent service for a range of vehicles, including log book servicing for new vehicles. Todd and his team are always great to deal with and their premises a pleasure to visit. Many of our friends already use them and we are happy to recommend them.”
Ralph & Edwina Shannon, Dulong
Congratulations to Todd and his team at Browns Autobahn for their holistic approach to mechanical repairs. They consistently provide a very friendly and professional level of service, with exceptional attention to detail. Always willing to go the extra mile, we love all the unexpected touches (particularly the lollies!) that guarantee happy clients. We would strongly recommend Todd and the team if you are looking for an honest, reliable & highly trained team of mechanics.”
Peter & Judi, Rock Real Estate
We have been taking our vehicles to Brown’s Autobahn for servicing since 2007. Todd takes great pride in his work, and we feel truly valued as customers. The attention to detail is meticulous, from the spotless workshop and the friendly professional staff to the beautifully detailed car with the gardenia blossom on the dashboard when the car is returned. I have recommended Brown’s Autobahn to both friends and work colleagues who have also been most impressed with their exemplary service. Safety is paramount to us and having our vehicles looked after by Brown’s Autobahn gives us peace of mind.”
Trevor & Pep Wesener, Twin Waters
I found Browns Autobahn and the crew to be the most helpful and trustworthy on the Coast. These guys saved me thousands! Thanks guys.”
Richard Thomas, Queensland
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